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Geodetic & Topographic Survey

The Spatio Specialized in Land Surveying (Geodetic,Topographic,Hydrograph etc)

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GIS/MIS/Remote Sensing Services

The Spatio Providing services in GIS/MIS/RS in Various Field of CE and GS

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Geo-Technical Engineering Services

Geological Mapping, Geo-Technical Investigations and design.

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Aerial Mapping

High resolution Aerial Mapping for engineering and infrastructure development projects.

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Satellite Photogrammetry

Satellite Photogrammetric Services for Engineer and Infrastructure Development Projects.

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3D Maps & Dioramas

Introducing 3D printed maps and dioramas. The Spatio has become the pioneer in the field of 3D cartography and mapping with latest technology and innovation delivering:

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Environmental Studies

THE SPATIO provides environmental engineering services to support public and private clients for the design,
development, analysis and upgrade of public works infrastructure.

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Hydrological Studies

Hydrological and sedimentation studies for dams, hydropower and other engineering projects

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Engineering Design and Solutions

The Spatio offers Planning, design, management and supervision of Civil Engineering works in various domains.

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