About Us


THE SPATIO is your premier destination for comprehensive geospatial engineering services in Pakistan. As the leading mapping firm, we offer a diverse range of mapping solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. With a foundation built on quality personnel and cutting-edge technology, we strive to exceed expectations in every project we undertake.

Established in 2012, our journey began with a mission to revolutionize geospatial engineering and mapping services. Since then, we have continuously evolved, expanding our expertise to encompass a wide array of geospatial tools and techniques.

Our Services

At THE SPATIO, we pride ourselves on providing a complete suite of geospatial engineering solutions, including:

  • Geospatial Engineering Solutions
  • Land and Hydrographic Surveys
  • GIS and Remote Sensing Studies
  • Climate Change Assessment and Flood Hazard Mapping
  • UAV Aerial/Lidar Mapping
  • Site/Route Selection Studies
  • Cadastral Mapping
  • Geological, Geotechnical, Geophysical Surveys and Geo-Environmental Solutions
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Hydrological and Hydraulics Studies
  • CAD Automation & Customization
  • 3D Models & Dioramas


A dedicated commercial entity providing CAD Automation and Customization services. Check now our custom CAD application (SPCAD), designed for civil engineers, geospatial professionals, architects, town planners, and manufacturers.


Our precision agricultural solutions provide farmers with the tools they need to optimize crop production and closely monitor the health of their crops. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and data analytics, we offer tailored strategies to maximize yields while minimizing resource usage.

Why Choose Us

  • Comprehensive Solutions
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Experienced Professionals
  • Client Centric Approach

Our Team

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals is always efficient, utilizing the latest technology and the best equipment to get the job done right. We consistently push ourselves to stay ahead of the curve by striving to enhance our service delivery.

Imran Anees Memon

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Murad Ali Kisana

Managing Director

Saeed Sharif

Associate Director

Faisal Majeed

Associate Director

Dr. Athar Javaid​

Geodesy Expert​

Dr. Athar Ashraf


Zameer ud Din

Manager Overseas​

Usman Ali

Business Development Manager​

Mukhtar Ahmad

CFO/HR Manager

Ammar Hussain

Engineering Geologist​

Muhammad Umer

Senior Civil Engineer

Ali Zaib 

GIS/RS Analyst

Imran Atta

GNSS Expert

Rehan Ali

Web Developer

Aroosa Fazal      

Web Developer

Nabiha Khan

Spatial CAD Expert


GIS/RS Analyst​

Aqeel Ahmad

Associate Engineer (GNSS Survey)

Tahir Mahmood

Associate Engineer (Hydrographic Survey)

Ali Akbar

Associate Engineer (UAV Survey)

Mehak Farooq

GIS/RS Analyst​

Muhammad Tariq

Creative Designer

Abdul Malik

UAV Mapping Specialist

Muhammad Naeem  

UAV Mapping Specialist

Abid Hussain

Construction Manager