Frequently Asked Questions

THE SPATIO was founded in 2012 and is located at 453-Rehman Center, Ravi Block Market, Lahore, Pakistan, providing a convenient base for clients seeking geospatial engineering and surveying solutions.

THE SPATIO is led by Imran Anees as Chief Executive and Murad Ali Kisana as Managing Director. With a dedicated team of over 50 professionals, they steer the company towards delivering excellence in geospatial services.

We continuously evolve our approach by leveraging advanced technology such as GNSS and UAV-based solutions. These technologies allow us to meet the increasingly demanding accuracy and resolution needs of modern projects. By embracing these innovations, we ensure our clients receive the highest quality results.

Certainly! For projects like irrigation modeling and canal system remodeling, which span hundreds of square kilometers, we employ a combination of GNSS and UAV-based solutions. This approach offers greater control and superior accuracy compared to traditional methods like total station surveys. Not only does this save time and costs, but it also ensures precise and efficient project execution.