1 Study of Water Alternatives for Dhan Cement Factory, Kalar Kahar, Punjab Punjab University Completed (2019)
2 3 year Deformation study of existing structure (Mubarak Center Lahore) ECSP Completed (2019)
3 Establishment of Geodetic Control Network and vertical Prole survey of
Design Pipeline routes.
EEC/PSPC Completed (2019)
4 Design of Form to Market (FMR) roads in Astore District, Gilgit Balistan IFAD Completed (2018)
5 Hydrology, Hydraulics and Topographic survey of 7 Km Ponch River
near Kotli City in Azad Jammu & Kashmir
Techno – Consult
Completed (2017)
6 Extraction of Topographic survey plan from high resolution Stereo satellite Images
for Embankment and Road along Swat River from Landaki to Bagh Dheri Project
AGES, Peshawar Completed (2017)
7 Geological Mapping & Resource Estimation of Evaluation of 30,000 Acres M/S Khurasan
Coal Lease Area in DG khan
M/S Khurassan Completed (2017)
8 Topographic survey of Royal Residencia Housing Society Rawalpindi Royal Residencia Completed (2016)
9 Topographic Survey and Design of Access Road in Kandiah Valley. ATL (Pvt.) Ltd Completed (2015)
10 Initial Environmental Impact Assessment of BS Link Hydropower Project at
RD 105+200
ATL (Pvt.) Ltd Completed (2015)
11 Environmental, Geological, sub surface geological mapping of TRC Manilla
Depot Delineation and Hydrological Assessment Project in Australia.
I-Environment Completed (2015)
12 Designing of internal Roads & engineering estimates of CTD Building Jallo
Park, Lahore
Punjab Highway Completed (2014)
13 GIS/Geodetic Survey Consultancy Services for Chiniot Iron Ore Project GEO – RC/MCC Completed (2014)
14 Designing & Topographic Survey of HUBCO Residential Colony, Narowal HUBCO Completed (2013)