THE SPATIO has embraced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as it has proliferated into a vast array of disciplines and industries. THE SPATIO offers clients a range of the GIS services including Spatial analysis,Cartography, application development, database development, asset management, and GIS implementation.
In conjunction with geospatial capabilities, THE SPATIO has successfully provided GIS services to clients in a variety of applications including

CARTOGRAPHY: Creation of paper and digital maps for infrastructure planning efforts, construction site
overviews, situational awareness, and corporate and public presentations.

IMAGERY ANALYSIS AND REMOTE SENSING: Acquisition, processing, and analysis of imagery from various
governmental agencies, private entities,and other sources for internal and external cartographical use, site planning, and situational awareness.

SPATIAL DATABASE MANAGEMENT: Development and management of spatial databases using the latest in database technologies to ensure accessibility, data integrity, and data security for all projects.

DATA ANALYSIS AND SPATIAL ANALYSIS: Statistical analysis, spatial analysis, and other advanced analytic techniques for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of various engineered infrastructures using both open source and proprietary software.

how can we help you?

To offer quality Engineering and Geo-Spatial services using our experienced specialists to the corporate, government agencies, private businesses and NGOs for sustainable development and management of resources in an economical way to our clients.

Our leading edge approaches and technologies for
data collection, processing, and management ensure
highly accurate solutions that allow you to overcome
complex challenges with confidence.

The Spatio

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